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Thanks and appreciation to James Stafford for running my piece  Beach Music   on his Why It Matters site! If you're up for more from me - Thank You! - I have a few more stories gathered loosely under the Memoir:  On the Street Where I Live   heading.  This is the most recent:  The Sticky-hot Days of Summer . I'm really glad you stopped by.

#38: If heaven is for real - Charlie is up there chasing squirrels

#38:  Mountain View Avenue, Mar Vista, California I ran across this post I wrote for my  Chapter1-Take1  blog and decided to post it here. It's about our beautiful beagle Charlie who we lost last November. If I were going to place it amongst the "On the Street where I live" pieces, this would sit right here at #38,  on the street where I live now , but Charlie's been with us since we lived on Mountain View,  an integral part of our lives in the last five places we've lived. If heaven is for real, Charlie is up there chasing squirrels in the sky "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." The John Lennon lyric is one I'm fond of quoting, accompanied by a shrug of my shoulders when weighing in on the mysterious ways of the world. This week the plans I'd made included finishing  Catching Fire , maybe see the crazy popular movie starring Jennifer Lawrence this opening weekend, and post my thoughts here. But life,