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Throwback Thursday: One Second of Fame

Throwback Thursday: One Second of Fame  The set was the interior of an appliance store plucked right out of the 1960’s. As usual on a movie set there was a dull whirr of background noise, crew hammering, people yammering. There were a lot of people milling around, associate producers and set assistants who didn’t need to be there. Hair and makeup artists, the prop master, the gaffer, the script supervisor, who did. Oh yeah. And the director, the director of photographer, and the lead actor.  I was so nervous, they were all a blur to me. I tried not to stare at Tom Hanks conferring quietly with his DP, Tak Fujimoto. I knew Fujimoto was a fairly big deal, he’d worked with Tom on  Philadelphia , shot Jodie Foster in  Silence of the Lambs , Molly Ringwald in  Pretty in Pink  and Matthew Broderick in  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off . And now, he’d be shooting me and Russell, for our one second of fame, in  That Thing You Do. [ Read the rest of the story ...]