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England in Colour

A policeman directs buses  in the intersection of Trafalgar Square , London. IMAGE: CLIFTON R. ADAMS/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE/CORBIS My brother sent me this series of photos of England, circa 1928, by Clifton R. Adams for National Geographic. The images are so amazing that for this week's British Isles Friday post I'm bailing on my weekly London walk to share these photos with you. I was stunned at how vibrant and bright the the clothing colors are. I've lifted the article directly via Retronaut , a very cool site that specializes in historical images. Their twitter profile says simply "time travel without the time machine."  The only change I've made to the piece is adding the "u" to Colour. This is British Isles Friday, after all. 1928 England in Color The King's Country, caught in Autochrome by Amanda Uren In the late 1920s and early 1930s  National Geographic  sent photographer Clifton R. Adams to Englan

5 Ways to feel like you’re in France when you don’t have the francs

Are you Dreaming of France but finding yourself short of the francs you need to take you there? Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, step right up and j oin my travel club and take a journey that won’t cost you a red hot centime. Because this is a trip you take in your mind. Okay, it ’ s not exactly there -there but if you can ’ t actually get to Paris or the Cote d ’ azur, it ’ s the next best thing.  Here ’ s five things to pack in your virtual valise to put you in a French  state of mind.  Substituting French words for English is a great starting point... Un: French Ambience Pretend you live on a charming street near the Eiffel Tower with the simple application of this artistically incorrect mural. How do you say cheesy in french? Or better yet, decorate your home with every  Eiffel tower you can find — never mind most self-respecting French citizens would likely prefer to leave the tour  Eiffel on the Champ de Mars  where  it belongs.  Deux: La mus