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Top Ten Things I bet you didn’t know about L.A.

1) So how come they ’ re not on the postcard? Most of us picture palm trees when we think of L.A., but the coral tree, not the palm, is the official tree of our city. Sometimes called Tiger Claws, the coral trees found along the median strip of San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood, that stretch of the boulevard from 26th Street to Brigham Avenue where once a rail track ran, and now everyone on the Westside runs, are actually designated cultural historical monuments.  The Coral Tree is the official tree of Los Angeles There  ought to be a plaque              2) Hot Dog! We baseball fans love our Dodger dogs as much as we love the boys in blue. More hot dogs are eaten at Chavez Ravine – over 2 million a baseball year—than in any other major league ballpark in the country! 3) How much by the glass? We take for granted that when we go to the Getty, we ’ re going to get one of those great L.A. city views. What ’ s unexpected is what we see as the museum ’ s tram traverses the h