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Leaving Home: A Divorce Story [Part Four]

Leaving Home: The Beginning I looked at the clock glowing on the dashboard; just after eleven... Leaving Home: Part Two He was tall and almost cool with aviators and a mustache that matched his shaggy golden brown hair... Leaving Home:  Part Three                                                                                                                    The next couple of months blurred by. ... OR Read it in sequence here Part Four I couldn't tell you how it happened. There weren't a lot of real dates; our courtship was a verboten workplace flirtation. Furtive conversations in the office where we sales clerks counted out our cash drawers. Small get togethers at his place with friends from work, in, on what was becoming our secret. Somehow, slogging through the last, grey, overcast days of a California winter, I found myself looking up one rainy night and finding his reflection in the drugstore's overhead security mirrors, captivated as I watched him f