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Past Perfect Imperfect

The past is just another word for something I ’ ve left behind, and while it ’ s filled with omissions—like the Instagram I meant to post yesterday—mistakes and missed connections, it ’ s also filled with an ever expanding array of amazing memories. So many memories we file away in our personal storage systems. Memories that fill up your headspace until that warning beep, better dump that stuff in the trash or archive that old data, transfer it to the iCloud where it can float freely, the barest whisp of a thought, until you decide to access it again. That ’ s how the days pass, we live in the now, or we try to, but the past is always there, getting larger and larger. It ’ s not all good. Some of that past should stay locked in that ancient old-timey journal you secretly keep hidden under last winter ’ s sweaters, to be taken out only on rare occasions, when the house is empty and no one ’ s around to see you looking at it. Unless you ’ re some weird inhuman humanoid you ’ v

I am not doing that!

I realized that my plan to take you along day-by-day as I virtually retraced last year’s 90 day trip of a lifetime, had a fatal flaw. The last thing you need is me, slipping into your email, day after day after ninety days. You wouldn’t care & I’d be creating a mountain of work for myself.  So, I’m just going to change my plans and just not do it. Saving this space for the occasional piece of writing. My most recent writing post is Diamond Girl, a short story my brother says is one of the best things I’ve ever written. Which must guarantee it’s a fabulous piece of writing, right? No bias, at all! You can find the piece right here:  Or ya know, just use the search bar   If you’re interested in my daily posts, you can follow me on Instagram. Find me at SimCarterWriter.  If you’re not, well, there you go! Please send me virtual hugs for keeping your email inbox a tiny bit more clutter-free. You’re welcome