Sim Carter

Some of my credits includeBeach Music in the Los Angeles Times Sunday magazine; Last Dance in Purdue U'sSkylark Literary Journal andThe Arab boy who took out his eye under the title Double Vision appeared in the South Bay Reader. The Good Men Project featured 7 Reasons Older Women Love Older Men on their online magazine and Children Magzine published Doing Nothing. I was a regular monthly contributing writer to 805Living Magazine for several years while various pieces appeared in LA Family, Parents and the Daily Breeze. For more see Out of Order. About the work available to read here  
While you'll find mostly memoir, I also have those moments when I write about what I want to write about. A mishmash of rants and raves, odes to Britain, love letters to France, reflections of living here in Los Angeles and the occasional film-centric piece ala this series of posts about working on That Thing You Do. Like the L.A. freeways, it’s kind of crowded and all over the place.

I trace my lo…

#27: Last Dance : Inspired by my own father. Happy Dad's Day to all the fathers out there.

And the sparklers red glare [Also on iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud]

Graduation Day 1971: Throwback Thursday

My Mother’s Voice [memoir]

An Undying Love ... [Memoir]

My sister ... don't get me started. #NationalSiblingDay