#9.1 Snow Day [memoir]

# 9.1    Cherry Grove Road, Niagara Falls, Canada

We hopped about quite a bit once we’d arrived in Canada from England via Turkey and Libya. We moved from Montreal to Toronto to Niagara Falls where we lived in a big old two-story house with a grassy lawn, surrounded by ancient maple trees.  Until my parents bought a house in Cherrywood Acres, a new development on the outskirts of town. 

This is # 9.1 of the “On the Street Where I Lived” stories. It’s a close up view of one day in particular.  

Snow Day

It was only a few miles from our gloomy old house on Ryerson Crescent to our family’s new split level across town in Cherrywood Acres but it could just as easily have been light years away. It was a whole different world out there in the barely built development where the cherry orchards used to be, everything bright and shiny and newer than new. 

We moved to the new neighborhood in the middle of fifth grade, in the middle of winter. I hated Niagara Falls in the winter, when it got so cold t…

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