An Undying Love ... [Memoir]

Hollywood Sign & Palm Trees by Tom Brown

I wrote this piece when we lived in a little house on a hill in a West Los Angeles neighborhood. On a clear day we could see the Hollywood sign from our backyard; from the front yard, if you craned your neck 50 feet to the west, you might see the ocean. It’s a true story, an Easter story, about an old couple who lived next door, and their undying love.

Undying Love The coleus under Bob and Helen’s front porch window are looking a little scraggly, nothing but tall leggy stems bending in their bed of dry cracked earth. I think how the gardener wouldn’t let them go like that if Bob hadn’t been so sick. If he’d been up and around, those plants would be standing tall, their leaves firm and perky, the ground blanketed with a soft, moist layer of mulch. Well tended, that was the best way to describe Bob’s garden, and come to think of it, Bob too. I try to remember if I even saw the gardener this past Wednesday, his usual day to come mow and blow. Afte…

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