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Dreaming of France: 29 Avenue Rapp

Scrolling through my Instagram& finding this image, I’m surprised I haven’t shared this particular French door for Dreaming of France before. 29 Avenue Rapp boasts what might be the most famous door in Paris. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful.

Designed by Jules Lavirotte in 1901 it’s a striking example of Art Nouveau architecture and features the very risque sculpted Adam and Eve above the door. I first saw the building in the movie Gigi as the building where Gigi's Aunt Alicia lives and where Gigi goes for her lessons in how to catch the right man. Preferably someone rich like Gaston.

Naturally when Mark and I visited Paris, we had to pay the building a visit. What struck us about 29 Avenue Rapp was how many people just walk on by, as if were nothing special, just another old stone edifice, the door, just another entry. I think even if I lived on the block, even if I saw the building and its door every single day, I would still have to pause and take it in. Not a whole …

Dreaming of France: Paris doors

I don't know why but even with the ugliness on the left side of the image, there really is something beautiful about French doors. Amateur photogs like me try and capture the feeling on our iPhones, posting our images on our Instagram feeds but there's a world of amazing photographers who really know how to put the magic of Parisian doors in a picture. Luckily for those of us who can't get to Paris as often as others, they share their stunning images online and in gorgeous books that have us drooling. 

One of my favorites

               Doors of Paris: A Photo Essay

Photographer Rebecca Plotnick has some stunning doors on her blog.

Do you share my love of doors, especially French doors? 

There are instagram accounts devoted to nothing but doors. Just plug in #doors and see what comes up. While I'm equally obsessed with doors I'm not quite that singleminded on my own Instagram account, my favorite place to play.

Connect with Dreaming of France where there's many more French goodies to explore. 


  1. I love all things French and doors are no exception. I've seen some magnificent ones in my time and those you share here are right up with them! And thanks for coming to Marmelade Gypsy! Nice to meet you!

    1. Thanks Jeanie. Nice to meet you too!

  2. Paris has great doors. They come in all sizes and shapes and colours.

    1. So much fun! I spend a lot of time looking for cool doors here in LA, they are not in abundance, believe me!

  3. Yes. I share your enthusiasm for a good door!

  4. Sim, I agree. You posted some blue doors the other day and I swear that I took the same picture in Paris, only a few days after you left the city. Thanks for sharing your love of doors and the link, and thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

    1. How funny! But the doors are so photogenic, you can't blame us.

  5. Love the Paris doors. Have been trying to do some watercolors of them, with mixed results.....

    1. I love that idea! We purchased a watercolor of a building on Boulevard Saint Michel with a beautiful door as a souvenir for our son. I scrolled through the pictures I'd taken on my phone until we got to one the artist (one of those along the Seine) had done a painting of.


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