Dreaming of France: Paris doors

I don't know why but even with the ugliness on the left side of the image, there really is something beautiful about French doors. Amateur photogs like me try and capture the feeling on our iPhones, posting our images on our Instagram feeds but there's a world of amazing photographers who really know how to put the magic of Parisian doors in a picture. Luckily for those of us who can't get to Paris as often as others, they share their stunning images online and in gorgeous books that have us drooling. 

One of my favorites

               Doors of Paris: A Photo Essay

Photographer Rebecca Plotnick has some stunning doors on her blog.

Do you share my love of doors, especially French doors? 

There are instagram accounts devoted to nothing but doors. Just plug in #doors and see what comes up. While I'm equally obsessed with doors I'm not quite that singleminded on my own Instagram account, my favorite place to play.

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